Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Making Memories

The fair opened it's gates last week.

Spring has sprung. 

The weather is crisp.

Flowers are blooming and all is well in my heart. 

We had a lovely time.  The kids laughed.  The kids behaved.  The kids held hands. The kids fell asleep before we even exited the parking lot.

I on the other hand ...

Photo Credit: @breathintheair
worried about them touching anything

worried that they would get lost

worried about them not being secure on the rides

worried about all the sugar and processed food

I think it might have shown on my face but once they were on those rides, hands in the air, yelling with joy, that was my moment.  My moment to be present and to realize we just made a memory for them. 

Photo Credit: @breathintheair
I think once you
become a mom worry just comes
along with the position.  But in that moment I wasn't
going to allow the worry to rob me of the joy.  We
had an amazing time and look forward to
next year. 


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