Monday, May 9, 2011

A mother's love is like no other...

This Mother's Day was a bit different.  It was the first mother's day since my daughter was born that I wasn't sharing it with my own mother.  Although I was showered with breakfast, lunch, dinner, deserts, gifts, lots of hugs, kisses and "mommy your a cutie pie". I felt as though something was missing.  I reflected a lot today.  I thought of past memories and dreamed of future plans that will become memories.  I spent a lot of time with my nose in a book and my mind in thought.

In one of my moments alone today I gave thanks to God for making me who I am and for choosing my parents to raise me.  Some times I come across people who tell me that I am too "sensitive" too "soft" too "kind hearted" and that I need to toughen up because this is a difficult world.  In as much as I do agree that this is not an easy place to live in I don't agree with the fact that I need to toughen up.  My soft and kind heart is what makes me who I am.  I cry in publix commercials, my eyes water every time my daughter sings "you are so beautiful" and I have a soft heart for people in need.   This is me and I am not going to change.  So even if my heart gets broken a hundred times I am not going to change or become bitter because of one bad seed. I learn from every experience whether it be good or bad.  I have to thank God too for allowing me to have such an open mind and really soak in everything around me.  I learn from other people's experiences and I don't say that as a cliche, I really do learn.  I analyze where someone might have went wrong and I try very hard not to make the same mistake.  Life throws a lot of fast balls at you but I know that when one hits me no matter how hard it hurts I will cry, stand up, and wipe the dirt off my knees. 

 So today was not just like any other mothers day.  To me it was a day of reflection.  Life can get so busy that the smallest things that your children do are over looked.  So today I really soaken in every moment with my daughter, the one who has truly given me a reason to live.  I never really understood when my mother used to tell me " a mother's love is like no other" but now I can say I totally understand.  It's an unspeakable love that no mother can even put into words.  I looked into her eyes when she tried painting my nails but instead got more of my skin.  I laughed when she speed walked by the pool because I yelled at her not to run.  I held on to her longer when she came to me after dinner and said mommy I missed you, even though we were only a chair a part away.  I thought about the children who didn't have mothers or the children that where so upset at their mothers that today was just another day for them.  I prayed for those with and without mothers that they would find peace in their heart.  A mother's love is like no other.  We should all be grateful for the one thing they did right and that was giving us a chance at life to make a difference. 

I've also reflected on what life would be for my daughter if she didn't have me.  If God decided that my work was done here on earth and he needed me.  How would she survive?  How would my husband survive.  And in an instant I knew the answer...they would be just fine.  I know my husband would keep my memory alive and that I have created so many memories already with my daughter that they would forever be embedded in her mind and heart.  So this is my challenge for all those mothers out there. Create awesome memories.  Jump in the pool even though it's too cold.  Paint even though you are to tired to clean up the mess.  Hug her just alittle bit longer.  Plan birthday parties, even thought you think it's too stressful.  Take all her friends to the movies.  Love her a bit more every single day.  Create beautiful memories for your children.  Remember back on your own childhood memories and recreate them. 

To my amazing mother.  I can't stress enough that I am what you tough me to be.  Loving, kind, a friend as well as a parent, a God fearing woman, a woman of values, an amazing sister, a great wife and a thoughtful friend.  All to which I owe to you.  Even when people thought it was weird that you tucked me in bed until I moved out at 22 that to me was a beautiful memory. Planning parties and talking to me about what and what not to do with boys, those were awesome memories.  I can go on and on about the memories that have molded me to be who I am today but I'll keep some of those to myself.  Don't ever ever let anyone make you think otherwise. 

As mothers we are so hard on ourselves but remember as I always do, " you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink it".  I have learned through the experience of others that a woman can be an amazing mother but children will choose their own path.  I am sure that my mother is proud of the path I chose but some children do learn by example and that is me.   My examples were the amazing parents that I had and whether or not they were going through hard times "we" never knew because all we had memories of was good times. 

So mother's reflect on your motherhood.  If you are in a fight with your mother. Pray. Ask the Lord to soften your heart. And if you don't want to ask the Lord as the trees, ask the stars, do whatever it takes to rekindle a relationship with your mother because remember there can be many fathers but only ONE mother. 

To my daughter, I promise to create beautiful memories until the Lord decides to take me.  Please Please Please be good to me.  I can take heart ache from others but can't imagine a heart ache from my child.  You are a morning star sent to me to inspire me to be a better person everyday.

To my sister,  One day you'll be asking me for motherly advice I promise !

To my husband,Thank you for making me feel like everyday is mothers day.

And too my papa, thanks for accepting me as your own. I wouldn't want it any other way. You are my main man!

And to me! Continue living life the way you want.  Don't let negative people change you.  Remain Positive.  Remain loving.

And to all the mother's that I know.  I love you guys very much and I think everyone of you are amazing women! My mommy, Johana, Adriana, Alicia, Slyvia, Amanda, Andrea, Barbara, Brandy, Bridget, Jessica, Chastity, Roxanne, Grandma Ida, Grandma Sharon, Titi Mille, Margie, Sonia, Alice, Mirna, Shelia, Dee, Nurka, Carmen, Titi Carmen, Eda, Emma, Evelyn, Sasha, Jessica, Susan, Jennifer, Maria, Lalonnie, Lorena, Lydia, Naga, Natasha, Natalie, Olga, Tamika, Tammy, Daniella, Titi Wee, and for anyone that I forgot you too are amazing!

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  1. Awe Lori!! This is beautiful! Your soul is very valuable and beautiful. Thanks for the prayer. This has inspired me to be more mindful with those I love and to be fully present every day of my life.