Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's so much better with a child...

AHHHH Finally ! The house is cozy and clean Danicah is resting on the couch watching Toy Story and I get to sit on here and share what a wonderful Christmas this has been.  Last week Danicah and I set out to make Reindeer food for her friends.  It was a Saturday night, daddy was working and Danicah and I were enjoying each other while we sang Christmas Carols.  This age is so much fun.


Packaged with Personalized Ornaments

Finished Product ! Loved them so much I didn't want to give them away but then again what would I do with eight glass jars of reindeer food. 

 We baked cakes for our friends and Hand Delivered them the next day.  Fuuuuueeee that was a lot of work but so well worth it.

Oh it is so much fun when you have a child.  The emotions that they show are just real.  Danicah was so excited for Santa she didn't want to go to sleep.  Finally at midnight her eyes got extremely heavy and I told her that santa only visited good little girls when they are sleeping.  So off to bed she went, and off to work Santa's helpers went.  Organizing all her toys in front of the Christmas tree was so exciting made me realize that this is what my parents used to do for us and they tried so very hard to make Christmas so very special. So at about 1am Santa's helpers were super tired and headed off to bed.  Christmas morning came so quickly and like a child my eyes opened at 7am.  I was so excited to run down stairs and see the surprise on Danicah's face.  She was all so cozy right next to me and I whispered in her ear that Santa had brought her something.  She just rolled over and covered her face...I smiled and did the same.  At 9am I was awoken by a whisper in my ear saying "mommy Santa is downstairs".    And the rest is just a memory !

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