Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dreaming Again

It's sunny, but not hot.  It's just the right temperature. There is not a cloud in the sky.   I have on on brown tights with a burnt orange sweater and comfy brown boots.  Danicah is dressed in a cute dress with fall colors and a fall pattern.  I am so excited because today we are going to the pumpkin patch to buy some pumpkins to make home made pumpkin bread.  We set out to this beautiful pumpkin patch where all you see is orange and green.  Beautiful oak trees surround acres and acres of pumpkins ready to be brought home for mommies and grandma's to bake pumpkin pies and pumpkin bread.  Children pick out their favorite pumpkin so excited that when they get home daddy will be there to help them carve it for Halloween.  Dawn is setting and the colors of the sky are just beautiful. Oranges, pinks, purples and blues.

And then I realize...

I live in a big city. There are no oak trees, no acres and acres of pumpkins, I can't wear boots because its 90 degrees in mid October and Grandma's are too busy trying to get their groove on rather than baking pumpkin bread with the kiddies.  But a girl can dream right. 

So here are some photos of the next best thing. A pumpkin patch in the middle of a busy main street on a patch of concrete.  Hey got to have a sense of humor in this crazy world.  Although brief I got to meet up with our two favorite peeps.

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