Monday, October 4, 2010

Cause she is amazing!

I try and grab inspiration from the simplest things that most people take for granted. My main inspiration are my daughter and husband, they give me the drive to push forward every single day. Today the weather inspired me.  Inspired me to close my eyes and imagine myself lying on a hammock and thinking of what inspires me. My mother inspires me to be the best mother I can. My father inspires me to be patient and smile. My sister inspires me to channel my inner sexiness (inside joke). Great mothers inspire me. A mother with five children and a full time job inspires me. People with special needs inspire me.  children inspire me.  writing inspires me. reading inspires me.  and every day I try to find something different to inspire me.  Inspire me to be a great person. to be a loving person. To appreciate a lot.

See these pass couple of months have been quite uninspiring.  WOW me. Little Miss Positive is uninspired? Its hard to be positive all the time. I am only human. But this morning I snapped out of it.  I need to be a great mom and an even better wife and how can I accomplish that when I'm Miss Debbie Downer.  So today I woke up. Smiled.Prayed on my way to work and boy oh boy work was a breeze even with all the stress it brings.  When I walked out the door I was inspired by the fresh breeze that slipped right through my linen pants.  (great day to wear linen).  I was so inspired to pick up my little girl and spend as much time outside as I could.  On my drive in the neighborhood was full of mom's and dad's and their children on their power wheels enjoying this kind of a day that we hardly ever get to enjoy.  If the weather is what it takes for busy parents to spend time with their children outside then bring on the weather. I will pray for it everyday.  i have never seen my neighborhood so full of families.  It made my heart smile.

Grabbed my camera and out the door we went.  On our journey to the park. I breathed in the fresh clean air and Danicah was so excited to point out a creature. 

 So thanks Beautiful Day for inspiring me. You've made me realize how blessed I am.

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