Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Love

Two years ago today started the beginning of a wonderful experience called motherhood.  Oh and has it taken over every ounce of me.  Some people say that becoming a parent changes you.  It might for some people, but not for me.  I wanted to be a mother so bad. I knew that once I became a mother I was giving up my life and sacrificing everything in me for her and I was fine with that.  So it didn't change me it just made me more aware and much more grateful for things.

So today I go back to the moment in the hospital the moment when I endured so much pain but didn't even complain because I knew with pain was going to come the most beautiful miracle I would ever experience.  I remember when the nurse put her in my arms. My first words were "Thank you, thank you Jesus." This experience was truly a miracle. When she finally came home I would stay up for hours(when they advise you to sleep) staring at her with tears in my eyes saying Wow God you've really blessed me with such a beautiful being.

So happy birthday to my beautiful daughter Danicah.  Today we had a day planned with fun events but Miss Danicah woke up with a horrible fever.  Funny story:Last night she came up to me and said "mommy my head hurts I want band aid" So I put a band aid smack on her for head and told Aaron "Oh there goes miss drama queen" and in the morning I felt so bad when her fever was  100.8.  This morning I went out at the crack of dawn to buy her flowers and a cake.  She was so sick it broke my heart, but I tried to make the best of it.  

Finally towards the latter part of the evening she started to feel better and we took her out to dinner.  She loved the show! We loved the food!  Fever came on again. So as I sit on my bed creating this post my baby is right her as I hear her soft breath breathe.  

Danicah you are amazing.  You're personality is really starting to come out and ohh I love it.  I can already tell you have such a good heart.  You are going to be a sweetheart.  Happy Birthday my love. Thank you for bringing so much joy in my life.  I love you with every piece of my heart.

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