Sunday, July 4, 2010

We are Family

Serenity...Friday night we packed up two cars and headed out to see my beautiful cousin in Port St Lucie. Oh how I love Port St Lucie. Quite.Peaceful. nature.nice people. Things I don't see every day.  So when my sister asked me if I wanted to go I said sure...Even if it meant leaving my honey home when he had just gotten back from a training, but ah it was only for a night.  So I packed up Danicah's toys and lots of juice and yogurt and settled in the car for the 2 hour ride.  Note to self bring more entertainment for Danicah. She whined the whole way. She ate her foot half of the way.

I wanted to read. Sit out on the porch.Shop. Play with the girls. Relax. I wanted to do so much within such a short time. 

Roland and Shelia...Such great host. After a long drive (traffic and rain are killers) this is what we came to. Home made spaghetti. Boy can Roland cook. Loved it!

Danicah Playing wii ( or pretending)

Did I mention how I felt like all we did was eat.

Give me credit here I'm working on my picture taking Skillz.

so, thanks Roland and Shelia for a beautiful over night stay. 
I loved the positive vibe in your home.  I loved the post it notes every where and the motivational quotes all over the house in places I'd never think I'd see them. I always try and gain something positive for every encounter with someone and this weekend just renewed some spirit in me.  Life is hard but hey you got to live it so why not make the best of it. After all we only have one life. one body.
So Roland and Shelia I bring to Miami nothing but positive vibes (until Tuesday when I'm stuck in traffic ) just kidding.
Love you guys!
Until next time Peace and Love.

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