Sunday, July 11, 2010

She is my Super Hero

Happy Birthday Noah!

Today we had such a wonderful day.  We were invited to Noah's third birthday.  Leave it up to my talented and creative friend Lorena, the birthday party was a hit.  I am so inspired by all things creative.  My photography is getting better too...

Of course I love themed parties: Our Present, included two shirts, a pair of jean shorts, a spider man book and a super hero puzzle.

We had so much fun.  The day turned out to be beautiful and Danicah got to hang out with her friends.

My Wonder Woman!

and my favorite part of every fun day. When she has had so much fun that the minute I walk around the car, step in, start the car and turn around to make sure she is ok.  She is OUT!!!

We had such a blast.  thanks for the invite.  Now bring on the stress for Danicah's party. It's what I live for. To bring a smile on my daughters face, no matter what it takes!

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  1. What a nice birthday party. I'm glad danicah enjoyed herself :)btw... I'm off on Wednesday... Are you working?