Saturday, July 31, 2010

Life's Spontaneous Moments

I am a  planner.  I hate to do things with out planing them out detail by detail.  I am not a control freak because I know there are things in life that are beyond my control so I've come to terms with that. But it just bothers me  when things aren't planned out.  So it was one of those days where plans were made and the uncontrollable weather changed them all.

My mind was set on Pine Crest Gardens splash and play.  The weather had been so hot lately I just wanted to let my boo run and splash around.   So when the clouds started to roll on in I was ready to call off the play date with Matt and Emma and stay at home.  But I didn't want to let it ruin our day.  Danicah hadn't seen Matt in a while and I needed to catch up with Emma.  So off I went to Emma's house to plan our day. 

I remembered this place that I have been dying to visit but honestly haven't had the time, nor the patients to drive to North Miami Beach. So on we made the spontaneous decision to pack the kids up and take the drive.  The kids needed a nap and us mommy's needed time to chat.

Cafe Bambini: This is such a cute place.  It's indoors. The toys look very well kept. The place was very clean except for the kids bathroom (Emma lol) Well what can you expect from little boys lol. The food was Ok but the idea was awesome.  I loved the fact that I could go in the play area and play with Danicah.
~~wink wink~~ and take tons of pictures.  I felt so comfortable. Everyone was very friendly.  Danicah and Matt had a wonderful time. I captured lots of smiles and great memories. 

 We then decided to walk on over to the cutest little toy store where we bought puzzles for the kids.

Since we were in a spontaneous mood what better than to hop on over to the beach after all it was only a mile up the road and we already had their bathing suits packed.

What a fun time we had. Hopping over from place to place.  It felt good to not have to plan anything. The kids were so great.  They didn't act up at all they were just coming along for the ride.  What ever their crazy moms decided was just fine with them.  This was even more fun than what I had originally planned.
So my goal is to be more spontaneous.
Go with the flow.  Have a great time. 
And don't let a little cloud ruin your day!

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  1. Omg.. I miss you guys... It was such a great day :)