Saturday, July 31, 2010

Life's Spontaneous Moments

I am a  planner.  I hate to do things with out planing them out detail by detail.  I am not a control freak because I know there are things in life that are beyond my control so I've come to terms with that. But it just bothers me  when things aren't planned out.  So it was one of those days where plans were made and the uncontrollable weather changed them all.

My mind was set on Pine Crest Gardens splash and play.  The weather had been so hot lately I just wanted to let my boo run and splash around.   So when the clouds started to roll on in I was ready to call off the play date with Matt and Emma and stay at home.  But I didn't want to let it ruin our day.  Danicah hadn't seen Matt in a while and I needed to catch up with Emma.  So off I went to Emma's house to plan our day. 

I remembered this place that I have been dying to visit but honestly haven't had the time, nor the patients to drive to North Miami Beach. So on we made the spontaneous decision to pack the kids up and take the drive.  The kids needed a nap and us mommy's needed time to chat.

Cafe Bambini: This is such a cute place.  It's indoors. The toys look very well kept. The place was very clean except for the kids bathroom (Emma lol) Well what can you expect from little boys lol. The food was Ok but the idea was awesome.  I loved the fact that I could go in the play area and play with Danicah.
~~wink wink~~ and take tons of pictures.  I felt so comfortable. Everyone was very friendly.  Danicah and Matt had a wonderful time. I captured lots of smiles and great memories. 

 We then decided to walk on over to the cutest little toy store where we bought puzzles for the kids.

Since we were in a spontaneous mood what better than to hop on over to the beach after all it was only a mile up the road and we already had their bathing suits packed.

What a fun time we had. Hopping over from place to place.  It felt good to not have to plan anything. The kids were so great.  They didn't act up at all they were just coming along for the ride.  What ever their crazy moms decided was just fine with them.  This was even more fun than what I had originally planned.
So my goal is to be more spontaneous.
Go with the flow.  Have a great time. 
And don't let a little cloud ruin your day!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Deering Estate

Today I realized that I can also find the "good" in Miami. 
The "good" to me is a quite and peaceful surrounding with water and nature.  Something about the water just makes me feel good inside.
So feel free to express with me the "good" in Miami.  
Today my "good" was the Deering Estate off Old Cutler. 
(If I ever bought a house in this city it would be on Old Cutler)

Our journey started at 10:30 am.

By 11:00 am I was lost and frustrated and ready to go back home.  Not that it was a difficult place to find but MAPQUEST did not do such a great job of helping me get there.  Thanks to two security guards, one hour later I was able to find the place, of course by then Danicah was sleeping.
So we arrived.

Such a beautiful and relaxing place.  I sat by the water and held Danicah on my lap and stuck my nose in her hair and breathed her in.  It was nice to spend this alone time with her.  To talk to her. To listen to her. To love her.  To be with her.

We placed down our blanket and munched on some ham and cheese sandwiches, strawberries, grapes and my favorite PINK LEMONADE.

We toured the mansion and walked the nature trails.

Of course Miss Diva was getting hot..."mommie I hooot" She stretches her "O"s.

Soon after Sasha and Gabriella came and joined us.
Thanks for taking the drive. I had a nice time! And look at this beautiful picture of Gabriella.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

She is my Super Hero

Happy Birthday Noah!

Today we had such a wonderful day.  We were invited to Noah's third birthday.  Leave it up to my talented and creative friend Lorena, the birthday party was a hit.  I am so inspired by all things creative.  My photography is getting better too...

Of course I love themed parties: Our Present, included two shirts, a pair of jean shorts, a spider man book and a super hero puzzle.

We had so much fun.  The day turned out to be beautiful and Danicah got to hang out with her friends.

My Wonder Woman!

and my favorite part of every fun day. When she has had so much fun that the minute I walk around the car, step in, start the car and turn around to make sure she is ok.  She is OUT!!!

We had such a blast.  thanks for the invite.  Now bring on the stress for Danicah's party. It's what I live for. To bring a smile on my daughters face, no matter what it takes!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunny Days

Ok so forgive me I am a little bit late on this one but thought it was such an important event that I couldn't pass it up and not blog about it...
~~Memory Rewind~~
I try to take pictures to capture every moment. every first event. but pictures can show one thing but they will never show the feeling a get when I see her smile, oh and ah. those moments will only remain in my heart. the night before Elmo Live I was so excited I couldn't sleep.  hello! i'm the mommy here. I know that I was just excited to see danicah's face.
and yes! this face made my eyes water. WOW

Us mommies! Such good mommies!
it's nice to come together once and a while and vent. complain. laugh. love.
So to emma and daniella
I had a wonderful time...
We must plan another event!

Can you tell me how to to get to Sesame Street! Yup I was singing right along with the crowd.

We are Family

Serenity...Friday night we packed up two cars and headed out to see my beautiful cousin in Port St Lucie. Oh how I love Port St Lucie. Quite.Peaceful. nature.nice people. Things I don't see every day.  So when my sister asked me if I wanted to go I said sure...Even if it meant leaving my honey home when he had just gotten back from a training, but ah it was only for a night.  So I packed up Danicah's toys and lots of juice and yogurt and settled in the car for the 2 hour ride.  Note to self bring more entertainment for Danicah. She whined the whole way. She ate her foot half of the way.

I wanted to read. Sit out on the porch.Shop. Play with the girls. Relax. I wanted to do so much within such a short time. 

Roland and Shelia...Such great host. After a long drive (traffic and rain are killers) this is what we came to. Home made spaghetti. Boy can Roland cook. Loved it!

Danicah Playing wii ( or pretending)

Did I mention how I felt like all we did was eat.

Give me credit here I'm working on my picture taking Skillz.

so, thanks Roland and Shelia for a beautiful over night stay. 
I loved the positive vibe in your home.  I loved the post it notes every where and the motivational quotes all over the house in places I'd never think I'd see them. I always try and gain something positive for every encounter with someone and this weekend just renewed some spirit in me.  Life is hard but hey you got to live it so why not make the best of it. After all we only have one life. one body.
So Roland and Shelia I bring to Miami nothing but positive vibes (until Tuesday when I'm stuck in traffic ) just kidding.
Love you guys!
Until next time Peace and Love.