Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our little girl is growing so fast...

We must let her go...little by little our baby girl is becoming more and more independent.  When I was just about 22 years old something suck with me.  My dad tried to smoother me with hugs and kisses and I pulled away and was like "Dad, stop being silly."  With a crooked smile and sadness in his heart he said " I wish you weren't so independent."  I responded with " We'll sorry dad but that's how you raised me." Now that I have a child I can feel that place that my dad was at a couple of years ago.  As the sun rises each morning, my daughter is becoming more and more independent.  She can now eat, clean up and change her clothes all by her self.  MISS INDEPENDENT!  So of course Mommy and Daddy were a wreck when it came to enrolling her in school.  Until now she's been with her loving grandmother.  Of course Grandma spoils the heck out of her.  We had so many fears.  What if they don't have eyes on her all the time? What if they don't feed her? What if they pull her arms or miss treat her?  What if they don't hold her when she is crying. OHHH those where the things that broke my heart.  So of course like any parent we searched and searched for a school that we felt comfortable with.  No school will ever be perfect. Nothing will ever be good enough for my child.  We knew we had to suck it up and give the world a piece of our daughter. 

So Finally we found a school that we were very comfortable with...Enrolled her and cried on the first day we left her in someone other than grandma's care.  OK OK it was only for FOUR hours but those FOUR hours seemed like an eternity.  I had to learn to trust.   I didn't bother the school every five minutes by calling to see if: everything was ok, did she cry, has she had lunch yet, did she make any friends, how she was interacting with other kids...I just let her be.

The night before the BIG DAY I made it a BIG DEAL.  Even though she will be way to young to remember I will never forget this day.  So I made her feel all pretty.  I blew out her hair...(by the way she looks like one of those brats on toddlers and tiera's with her hair blown out)  Read a book  and told her  "tomorrow is your first day of Pre School." She had no clue what I was talking about, or so I thought.

Due to my work schedule I was not there first thing in the morning to get her dresses and give her breakfast and ease the anxiety...or should I say my anxiety.  I made Aaron take tons of pictures.  She is my silly little girl.

I choose not to be there on her first day of school.  Most people would think that I was a bad mother. But I know what was the best thing for me. I have such a strong exterior but when it comes to Danicah I melt like butter.  There was no way I could take her to school and be able to function at work.  So I had daddy take her.  Daddy is too much (loving the 80's look babe)  He reacted like any father would.


I had to calmly tell him, Babe: you need to calm down because Danicah will pick up on your anxiety and I don't want her screaming when you leave.  So he settled down. He drove her to school put her down from his strong grip and let her go.  She actually pushed her way from his arms and ran straight to the toy box. 


Daddy snuck out,
she whined for a second and then ran off to play with her classmates.

It was WORSE for us. 
 I'm so glad we took this step. 
I am so excited to here new songs.
 Learn new dances and experience this journey in her growth. 

 Picture looks bright right...That's because it was still light outside.  7:15 pm she was out... She didn't bathe. She didn't have her leche.  All she wanted to do was sleep. While transferring her to her crib I pulled up her little wrist to see if she would wake...LIMP.

I call that "State of Comatose"

Congratulations my love on your first day of Pre-School.

"Comatose" by 7:15pm


  1. Awwwww. Poor Mommy. Isn't it heartbreaking to let go even just a little bit? I bet she is loving it though. They are so funny like that. Growing up every time you blink. At least you'll have a million pictures to look back and remember her as a tiny baby, rambunctious toddler, and wild child... Our parents had only a few printed photos and just lots of memories. :) I'm going to make a slide show of my babies, one picture from each month, and then set it to music (when I can find the right songs!!!). We'll have to share!